Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

We offer our attorneys competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. Provider plans and programs do change from time to time, but the following is a summary of our current benefits package:

Health Insurance
We offer a health insurance benefit through Capital Blue Cross with two plan options: a Health Savings Account combined with a High Deductible Health Plan (the firm funds a significant portion of your Health Savings Account), or a Low Deductible PPO Plan. The firm will also fund much of the cost of both the Low and the High Deductible Health Plans. If you wish to enroll your dependents on either plan, the firm pays a substantial portion of the cost for dependent health coverage.

Retirement Planning
The firm has both a 401(k) Savings Plan and a Profit Sharing Plan to assist you with retirement planning.  Associates are eligible to join the firm's 401(k) Plan after 12 months of service and the firm's Profit Sharing Plan after 24 months of service.  The firm makes a 401(k) Plan contribution each year in the amount of 3% of your total compensation.  In addition, the firm may choose to make additional contributions into your Profit Sharing Plan account each year.

Life Insurance
You are eligible for $100,000 in life insurance coverage with the premium paid in full by the firm.  You may choose to purchase additional coverage at low group rates through payroll deduction. 

Disability Benefit
We provide salary continuation for short-term disability, including maternity and family leave, commensurate with your length of service in the firm.  We also offer long-term disability insurance to provide a wage replacement benefit to you in the event of a long term illness or disability with the insurance premium paid in full by the firm.

Dependent Care Section 125 Plan/FSA
We offer you access to a Flexible Spending Account in order to pay daycare-related expenses with tax free dollars.

Continuing Legal Education
The firm supports continuing legal education for associates and encourages your participation in such programs.

Performance evaluations are conducted annually.  The firm has a formal performance attorney evaluation system monitored by the firm's Associates Committee.

Associate Bonus Program
The firm's bonus program provides an additional reward for superlative effort and performance. The bonus program criteria are shared with all associates and bonuses are awarded at the end of each year to associates who meet the bonus criteria.

Family Leave
Associates can receive up to 12 weeks of paid caregiver time for the birth or adoption of a child or placement of a foster child. This time does not have an impact on bonus or partnership consideration.

Training Bank
Barley Snyder is committed to professional development and mentoring of our attorneys.  We believe that this training and development is best handled by allowing you to have significant contact with partners on substantive client projects.  You may be eligible to participate in our mentoring/training program, targeted to our newest associates (those with 0-3 years of experience with the firm).  This program creates a Training Bank of hours to be allotted each year in an amount to be determined by your supervisor and practice group leader for the purpose of training and providing exposure to training opportunities, including attendance and participation at hearings, depositions, transactional negotiations, and settlements.  These hours will be considered billable time toward your billable hour goal but may not actually be billed to a client.