Barley Snyder Takes Process Improvement to the Next Level

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Barley Snyder Takes Process Improvement to the Next Level

Press Release Date: May 17, 2013

Lancaster, PA - The Law Office of Barley Snyder has engaged Gimbal, a firm of Lean practice management advisors, to provide Lean Six Sigma training to a cross section of attorneys, assistants, paralegals and administrative personnel within the firm. Gimbal provided training to improve the firm’s processes and to develop sustainable solutions designed to optimize legal services and the business and administrative processes that support them.

"It was great fun working with the team at Barley Snyder," said Karen Skinner, of Gimbal. "Their commitment and engagement were obvious. They understood the potential of process improvement and were able to apply some of the tools right away, suggesting immediate changes that will enhance the client experience."

Karen's partner, David Skinner, added, "Lean Six Sigma's process improvement strategies dovetail really nicely with Barley's Practice Excellence® program. Law has to change if law firms are to reconnect the value of their work with its high cost. At Barley, they get it. Through the workshop, they've acquired a new perspective on what they can do, individually and as a firm, to get more value out of their Practice Excellence® program."

In 2010, the firm rolled out the Practice Excellence® program focused on quality, knowledge and service. The mission of the program was to create a firm-wide and pervasive program of continuous improvement.

“Barley Snyder has made much progress in the past few years using internal resources and knowledge, but it was time to take Practice Excellence® to the next level.” said Tim Dietrich, Managing Partner of the firm. Dietrich continued, “One method that Gimbal uses is called Lean Six Sigma, a recognized business strategy for increasing efficiency, identifying and eliminating obstacles, lowering costs and improving the quality of the product or service. We feel that with the added expertise that Gimbal has provided, we are able to provide the highest and most comprehensive level of service to our clients.”

What is Lean Six Sigma?
Six Sigma focuses on process quality and the elimination of variations and defects from products and services. Lean is a comprehensive strategy for eliminating waste and increasing the flow of products and services. Lean separates “value-adding” from “non-value-adding” work, using well-known business and process management tools. Lean Six Sigma combines these two related strategies, improving the delivery of quality and efficiency.

About Gimbal
Gimbal is a Canadian consulting firm that helps lawyers deliver their legal services more efficiently. They help firms cut costs, increase profitability and compete effectively in the changing legal landscape. Gimbal uses their unique knowledge, and the tools of Lean Six Sigma, to deliver quality analysis and advice to continuously improve the way lawyers do business. They develop tailored, practical and sustainable solutions to optimize the flow of value-adding services. | @GimbalCanada

About Barley Snyder
Barley Snyder is a law firm based in Central Pennsylvania with more than 60 attorneys practicing from offices located in Lancaster, York, Reading, Malvern and Hanover. The firm serves businesses and individual clients in all major areas of civil law, including corporate governance, litigation and risk management, mergers and acquisitions, health care, labor and employment, employee benefits and compensation, immigration, intellectual property, banking, securities, real estate, tax, wealth management and estate planning. | @BarleySnyder

Media Contact: Jenna Wagner, Director of Marketing or 717-399-1573

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