October Deadline Coming for School Safety and Security Grant Applications

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October Deadline Coming for School Safety and Security Grant Applications

Alert Date: September 28, 2018

By: William J. Zee and Kalani E. Linnell
Related Practice Areas: Education and K-12

Time is running out to submit an application for funding through the recently established School Safety and Security Grant Program. And for one of the available grants, all a school entity has to do to receive $25,000 in funding is properly complete the application.

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) Egrant applications are due to the School Safety and Security Committee by Oct. 12.

The competitive grant program provides funding to address a variety of safety and security areas such as:

  • Security and risk factor assessments
  • Behavioral support and school community programs
  • Violence prevention planning
  • Emergency response coordination
  • Security equipment
  • Restorative justice strategies
  • Trauma-informed approaches to education

There are two different types of awards available through the program:

Part A: Meritorious Application: Establishes a $25,000 award to each public school district that submits a timely, complete and correct application. The committee will disperse Part A awards as soon as possible after the committee’s Oct. 30 meeting.

Part B: Competitive Application: Available to school districts and other eligible educational entities. Part B funding will be awarded through a competitive process, as the committee will score the content of each application. The committee may require applicants to revise applications based on school safety and security surveys and may place conditions on proposals.

While school entities may apply for up to $6 million in funding under Part B, school districts that receive Part A awards must reduce the amount of Part B funding they apply for by $25,000.

The committee published a funding announcement providing guidance on the application process. Here are some key points to consider as you work through the process:

  1. Register with PCCD’s Egrant system as soon as possible. Registration may take a few days and the application is not accessible unless the district or entity is registered.
  2. PCCD’s Egrants account is different from Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Egrants account. Applicants with an existing department Egrant account need to create a separate account for these safety grants
  3. PCCD grants may not be used for activities otherwise supported from PDE Safe Schools grants or other federal or state sources.
  4. School districts and entities may use awards to supplement existing funding but are prohibited from using grant money to supplant or replace existing spending on school safety and security.
  5. Part B awards will be determined based on the application’s score. Follow directions and refrain from repeating content throughout the form.
  6. Part A awards will be dispersed soon after the committee’s Oct. 30 meeting. Part B applications will be scored and considered prior to the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2019. An award may not be used to reimburse spending that took place prior to receipt of the award.

As the grant application deadline quickly approaches, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the attorneys in Barley Snyder’s K-12 Education Practice Group if you have questions.