COVID-19 Response
COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

The global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent coronavirus disease are impacting businesses and schools of all sizes in central Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

In response to this situation, we have formed the Barley Snyder COVID-19 Response Team. Our team is guiding businesses through the initial maze of coronavirus concerns and preparations, and will continue to be there as a trusted partner for our clients to help ease the economic and workforce ramifications. 

To learn more about our team’s services and how we could help your business or school, please contact our team chair Martin R. Siegel. Marty is a former attorney with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you have questions concerning a particular aspect of your business, you can contact these attorneys directly:

EMPLOYMENT: Jill Sebest Welch, Jennifer Craighead Carey, Sarah Yerger
GENERAL BUSINESS: Martin Siegel, Jeffrey Lobach, Troy Rider, Dan Desmond, Brian Korman, Amanda Jabour Kowalski
: Justin Tomevi
INSURANCE: Lindsey Cook
HEALTH CARE: Katherine Kravitz
FINANCE: Troy Rider
FOOD & AGRIBUSINESS: Timothy Dietrich
HOSPITALITY: Derek Dissinger
ENVIRONMENTAL: Martin Siegel, Michael Davis
SENIOR LIVING: Christopher Churchill, Timothy Dietrich
GOVERNMENT/MUNICIPALTimothy Dietrich, Michael DavisDan DesmondMartin Siegel, Keith Mooney
REAL ESTATE: Maria Di Stravolo Elliott, Sarah Yocum Rider, Jeff Lobach, Michael Davis
EDUCATION: Michael Davis

Click here to access our summary of various relief programs available in connection with COVID-19.

The below list of relevant news is sorted by date, you can review all of our COVID-19 alerts here or you can go to a specific industry or practice group page to find information targeted to that area of practice.

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