2022 York Business Seminar Recordings

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2022 York Business Seminar Recordings

Media Date: April 26, 2022

We hosted our 2022 York Business Seminar on Tuesday, April 26 at the Country Club of York as part of our annual Business Seminar Series. The first recording features our keynote presentation and the second recording features our panel discussion.

Jeremy Frey, Barley Snyder Partner & Chair of the Business Practice Group, welcomed our guests and Robert Kinsley II, CEO of Kinsley Enterprises, gave the keynote presentation at our 2022 York Business Seminar.
Click the video player below to watch the full recording.

The panel discussion was a moderated by Barley Snyder Managing Partner Jeff Lobach and featured the following panelists:
- Robert Kinsley II, CEO, Kinsley Enterprises
- William Yanavitch II, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kinsley Enterprises
- Michael Crocenzi, Partner, Barley Snyder
- Abby Tucker, Attorney, Barley Snyder

Click the video player below to watch the full recording.


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