Management Team

Management Team

Management Committee

Jeffrey D. Lobach
Managing Partner
(717) 852-4979

Salvatore Anastasi
(610) 722-3899

Kimberly J. Decker

(717) 399-1506

Donald R. Geiter
(717) 399-4154

Scott F. Landis
(717) 399-1503

Administrative Leadership

Dorothy Rund
Chief Administrative Officer
(717) 399-1565

Russell D. Reed
Chief Financial Officer
(717) 399-1566

Shelly Espenshade
Director of Business Services and Special Projects
(717) 553-1045

Annie M. Etter
Director of Administrative Services
(717) 237-6721

Jennifer Good
Director of Human Resources
(717) 553-1043

Meghan Neff
Director of Business Development
(717) 399-1573

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