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In the world of real estate, legal challenges can arise unexpectedly, putting your investments and projects at risk. Barley Snyder’s Real Estate Litigation practice includes a team of seasoned real estate litigators who possess the knowledge, experience and determination needed to resolve these challenges efficiently and effectively. We represent property owners, builders, developers, commercial and residential landlords and tenants in the dynamic world of property ownership, construction and leasing. With a track record of success, we are your partners in navigating the legal landscape, ensuring that your investments and endeavors are protected. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team brings a profound understanding of property laws, contracts and market trends. We combine our legal experience with a strategic mindset to craft tailored solutions for each case, aiming to mitigate risks, reduce costs and expedite resolutions. 

What We Do for Our Clients
Our team of real estate litigators is adept at managing a diverse range of legal issues, encompassing:

  • Condemnation cases
  • Resolving boundary disputes and encroachment matters
  • Navigating easement and access challenges
  • Undertaking quiet title actions and defending/resolving title insurance disputes
  • Guiding through complex land use and zoning matters
  • Handling eminent domain disputes
  • Resolving Landlord-Tenant conflicts
  • Advocating in tax assessment appeals
  • Resolving construction disputes
  • Addressing breach of contract allegations
  • Managing eviction proceedings and rent collection matters

Our attorneys understand the diverse challenges faced by our clients depending upon what role that client may find themselves in. Our attorneys are ready and able to represent clients in a myriad of roles, including:

  • Property Owners: From safeguarding your ownership rights to addressing boundary disputes, we will ensure your property remains a secure investment.
  • Builders and Developers: Navigating zoning regulations, permits, and construction disputes can be daunting. We will guide you through the process, protecting your interests at every turn.
  • Landlords and Tenants: Whether it’s lease negotiations, eviction proceedings, or addressing habitability concerns, we will ensure fair and legal resolution for all parties involved.
  • Commercial and Residential: The nuances between commercial and residential property matters are significant. Our experience covers both realms, ensuring tailored solutions for each.

With our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of real estate law, we are dedicated to delivering effective solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each case. Whether you are facing intricate property disputes or contractual disagreements, our real estate litigators are prepared to provide the strategic counsel and vigorous representation you need to safeguard your interests. 

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