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About Us

Barley Snyder is a strategically focused, full-service law firm representing businesses, organizations and individuals in all major areas of civil law. With offices throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, the firm’s more than 100 attorneys provide innovative and effective representation to a wide range of clients in the following areas:


Our clients benefit from having available to them in one law firm the wide range of knowledge and experience represented among our practice areas. We believe that strong individual relationships and personal attention are essential elements in serving our clients, and we place great emphasis on a full understanding of each client's needs and objectives to provide the most effective representation. We provide the kind of service our clients expect and deserve by working with a hands-on, collaborative approach to legal representation.

Practice Excellence®
Practice Excellence is a client service initiative where all members of the firm are committed to constantly increasing our capacity to provide excellent service, professional quality and outstanding value to our clients. Practice Excellence includes uniform practices and procedures, quality control and continuous process improvement based upon Lean process improvement and performance management systems.

Alternative Fee Arrangements
We understand the importance of sharing business risks with our clients. Doing so develops a bond of trust which is a critical aspect of the client-attorney relationship. We strive to work with our clients to arrive at a fee arrangement that encourages our mutual success and efficiency. While hourly billing remains the best solution for many of our clients, we can structure a variety of nontraditional billing or alternative fee arrangements. We work with our clients to design the fee arrangement that best fits their needs and will continue to offer competitive hourly rates for situations where the traditional billing method is the best solution.

In-House/Special Counsel
We regularly work with in-house counsel at our clients’ organizations. Because several attorneys in the firm have experience serving in the role of in-house counsel themselves, we understand the unique challenges facing members of inside legal departments and we understand that our assistance to in-house counsel must be seamless and fully integrated. At times, companies find that they need legal help on a broader, more consistent basis than the typical outside attorney relationship can provide. Thus, we have also served as special counsel for clients during a surge of activity, transitions in personnel or with a special project.

Serving Our Communities
In addition to providing financial support to numerous charitable organizations, our attorneys are committed to community leadership and volunteerism. We are proud to report that on a yearly basis we collectively volunteer more than 3,000 public service hours in our various communities. Our attorneys contribute financially, serve on boards and volunteer for more than 100 organizations in the areas of education, social services, the arts, youth athletics and professional associations.

Education, Events and Seminars
At Barley Snyder we find it important to keep our clients informed of relevant industry information, including changes in laws and regulations that may directly affect their organizations. We regularly issue client updates in the form of alerts, articles, newsletters, social media posts, training opportunities and educational seminars. We also have the ability to provide many of these programs in Spanish for employers with large Spanish-speaking employee populations. You can sign up to receive this information on our website at or view all updates at

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