Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property Group assists businesses and individuals with identifying intellectual property assets in inventions, business information, artistic works and corporate or product identifiers. The proper use of intellectual property protection can provide an advantage and distinguish your business from the competition.

Patents protect inventions, including devices and methods. Our patent attorneys each have expertise in an area of technology to develop patent protection strategies suitable to a business's needs. They work with inventors to prepare and prosecute patent applications. They also handle patent searching, foreign patent protection and enforcement of patents and technology agreements.

Trade Secrets
We assist organizations with identification of business information which may be protected by trade secret. Our attorneys work with clients to develop corporate policies and procedures to maintain trade secret protection. We have experience drafting confidentiality agreements for employees and third parties and enforcing trade secret rights.

Copyrights protect works of authorship including graphic, visual, audio, written and other artistic works. Our attorneys obtain registration of copyright, aid in enforcement of copyright and draft agreements to properly transfer ownership.

Our attorneys assist clients with identifying names, marks or symbols which distinguish a company's corporate and brand names. We conduct trademark searches, prepare trademark applications, enforce trademarks, and review brochures and advertising material for proper use of marks.

Intellectual Property and Litigation
Our intellectual property and litigation team works to enforce our clients' patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright rights. In addition, our attorneys handle internet and computer system litigation, including domain name disputes.

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