Your attorney has taken your case, but can he or she solve your problem?

Years of experience have shown us that successful problem solving comes from a true client attorney partnership, one built on trust, where achieving a client’s goals is the highest priority. We help our clients minimize risk through preventative planning, training and counseling. When conflict avoidance is not an option, we are aggressive advocates and effective strategists, driven to successfully achieve our clients’ goals while understanding their business realities and the potential costs of going to trial.

Our litigators have:

  • Argued before the United States Supreme Court
  • Argued before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
  • Successfully handled hundreds of jury trials in federal and state courts
  • Resolved multi-million dollar claims in favor of our clients

While we are well-known to the local bench and bar and familiar with the operations of the court systems throughout the region, we have substantial experience in state and federal courtrooms throughout the country. We approach cases with a single-minded focus for achieving the desired outcomes, and are advocates for clients in virtually every area of civil law, in cases ranging from intellectual property disputes and lender liability cases to employment cases and the most complex commercial and tort matters.

Litigation Technology
Our litigators are supported by an experienced team of paralegals and litigation support technologists. Our team works with our firm’s leading edge information technology (including tools such as Trial Director, Concordance and a variety of custom applications) to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date legal technology in the areas of electronic discovery, enterprise wide management of documents and effective trial presentations. We are leading the use of such technology in courtrooms throughout Pennsylvania.

Risk Management
We work with individuals, corporate and institutional clients of all sizes and complexities. Our attorneys help clients minimize risk, decrease claims, limit exposure and increase safety and compliance through comprehensive audits, preventative planning, training, and counseling with the ultimate goal of protecting your business and employees from legal liability. Our attorneys often work with clients to identify and evaluate areas of potential risk lurking in contract language, workplace safety, insurance coverage, wage and hour issues, and many other industry-specific areas. We also offer training programs to assist clients in managing risk and avoiding legal liability.

In an effort to provide cost-effective resolutions to a dispute, we offer the services of experienced and trained mediators. Mediation generally takes the place of litigation, or, in some instances, occurs prior to the parties becoming fully engaged and entrenched in the litigation process. Unlike other dispute resolution processes like arbitration, mediators do not sit in “judgment” or render a decision with respect to the conflict. A mediator’s mandate is to facilitate discussion between the parties in order that the parties themselves come to an agreement. Our position is that the parties directly involved in the conflict are the best able to resolve it.

All discussions during a mediation session are confidential. Mediation is non-binding. Accordingly, if after discussions, the parties believe that the mediation session will not resolve the issue, the parties are free to go their separate ways.

The mediation process generally follows the path set forth below:

  • The parties and/or their legal representatives agree to submit the matter to mediation.
  • The parties or their attorneys contact a Barley Snyder mediator with a request to initiate the mediation process.
  • The representatives provide the Barley Snyder mediator with background information regarding the parties and the relevant facts of the case.
  • The Barley Snyder mediator schedules a mutually convenient time and place for the session.
  • The Barley Snyder mediator requests that the parties submit the relevant documents and provide a mediation statement summarizing the fact and the party’s position.
  • The mediation is conducted with all necessary parties present. In the event of a resolution, the settlement is memorialized in writing and is signed by all parties and representatives.

Ultimately, mediation is an alternative which parties may wish to consider in light of the crippling expense of litigation. The following Barley Snyder attorneys are available to mediate your dispute: Ron Pollock, David Keller and Rick Hackman.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
When a dispute does arise, we are aggressive advocates and effective strategists, driven to successfully achieve our clients’ goals while understanding their business realities in light of the potential costs of going to trial. We do not hesitate to recommend alternative dispute resolution mechanisms when it is in our clients’ best interest. Mediation and arbitration are commonly used tools to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom setting. Our attorneys often analyze the pros and cons of this approach for our clients, tailoring the solution to their specific needs.