Who We Are
The Barley Snyder Business Law Group is made up of innovative lawyers located throughout central Pennsylvania. We are ready to assist clients with complex transactional and operational matters as well as day-to-day general corporate advisory services. We combine our knowledge of the law with an understanding of the various industries that our clients are involved in to help clients craft common sense business solutions. Our goal is to serve as a counselor for owners and managers, assisting them in resolving business issues and proactively planning future strategies. We achieve that goal by earning trust and confidence through our responsiveness and results-oriented solutions.

What We Do
Our attorneys work with clients involved in a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance, agribusiness, distribution, real estate, retailing and various service professions. Specifically, we work with clients in areas such as: 

  • Entity selection and formation - analyzing operations, risk factors and tax strategy to determine the appropriate entity to be used for the particular business
  • Governance - advising companies, boards and individual board members on governance and corporate formalities including Sarbanes-Oxley and SEC compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions including: 
    • Stock Purchase Agreements
    • Asset Purchase Agreements
    • Mergers
    • Leveraged buyouts
    • Management buyouts
    • Private equity
  • Securities
    • Debt and equity/public and private offerings
    • SEC disclosure requirements
    • Venture capital financing
    • Stock-based compensation
    • Exchange listing
    • Proxy Statements
  • Day-to-day corporate advisory services including:
    • Contract negotiation and review
    • Lease negotiation and review
    • Purchase Orders/Terms and Conditions
    • Risk Management
  • Tax planning and resolution of tax issues
  • Shareholder and partner relations and disputes
  • Executive employment and compensation
  • Debt and capital restructuring for financially troubled businesses
  • Licensing, distribution and franchising, antitrust and unfair competition, protection of trade secrets, licensing and general business advice and planning
  • Structuring and negotiation of loans and other credit and commercial transactions
  • Out-of-court resolution of disputes which arise in commercial settings
  • Representative Transactions

Who We Serve
Our attorneys in the Barley Snyder Business Law Group represent all types of entities including closely-held businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to large companies with multiple owners, public corporations, general and limited partnerships and professional corporations. We represent a multitude of industries with particular emphasis on banks and other financial institutions, service-related businesses and professionals, medical practices, manufacturers, agri-businesses and technology firms.

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